Our focus is not building homes, our focus is you.

Your Neighborhood

Your home is a personal part of who you are and how you live your  life. We want to understand your needs and your wants.  Our design team’s expertise will help you achieve your dream home in the perfect location.  Zehnder Homes helps you find the right location and builds the right home that fits those needs.

Your Lifestyle

For those that seek a new home in a classic neighborhood, we’ll create a new home that maintains the proper balance of design and size to fit the neighborhood. You’ll get all of the modern amenities, features, layout and lower maintenance in the neighborhood of your dreams.
Or you prefer a classic structures and design, with a touch of modern conveniences and features. Perhaps remodeling an existing home can be the right path to perfection. We work with you to design renovations that incorporate your unique style with today’s conveniences while maintaining the existing charm of the current home.

Your Partner

Zehnder Homes is your partner on the path to your perfect home. Our relationship begins with our desire to truly understand your wants and needs. From location to style to amenities to budget, we help you clearly define your dream home and focus on helping you achieve it.

Striving to stay ahead of the current building practices, Zehnder Homes makes certain that the design and construction of your homes incorporates the latest in design and material efficiencies.  We are committed to building homes that require less energy to heat and cool and ultimately, are better for the environment.

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