How to Maintain Proper Humidity Levels in Your Home

Living in Minnesota, we’re accustomed to changing humidity levels in our homes. In the winter, we experience dry air - which can effect how we feel (dry throats, itchy skin, etc.), but can also have effects on our homes.

It’s important to maintain the proper humidity levels in your home to keep them comfortable & to take care of products used to build them. Indoor humidity levels should be between 30-40% - keep in mind, as the temperature gets lower, the lower the humidity level should be in the home.

To measure the humidity levels in your home, you can purchase a hygrometer. This is an inexpensive gauge that looks like a thermometer. Once you have a better idea of how humid your spaces are, you can take the steps necessary to make it more ideal.

Humidity Too Low

Low humidity means your home will be dry. Without the proper moisture your home may experience drywall cracks, hardwood floor seams splitting (shrinking), wood cracking, millwork shrinking or cracking. Low humidity is common in Minnesota because of our colder temperatures. This can be solved by increasing humidity in your home by using a humidifier. These must be kept clean, changing the filters regularly according the the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you purchase a humidifier that will cover the necessary square feet for your area (so that you’re not constantly refilling water).

Humidity Too High

High humidity can also cause damage to your home, and it’s a breeding ground for mold, rot, and insects. A lot of homeowners may fall victim to high levels because homes are built more efficiently to prevent energy loss from heating & cooling. Which means they seal in a lot of moisture. If humidity is too high, you can purchase a dehumidifier. This pulls moisture out of the air, and you’ll need to empty the water from it regularly.

When building with Zehnder Homes we always suggest adding a humidifier to your furnace to help control the humidity levels in your home automatically. While you’ll still want to keep an eye on it, this should greatly decrease the amount of effort put in to controlling the levels in your home.

Room of the Month - Glen Road Kitchen

Modern farmhouse style with an art deco twist! This spacious Kitchen offers plenty of light, a large island, and beautiful wainscoting on the walls. 

The Center Island
A large center island is the perfect place to enjoy appetizers & drinks with friends, or serve the kiddos a quick dinner. It's blue-gray color adds a "pop" without being too startling. Brass hardware is featured on the doors & drawers - did we mention that we love the storage along the backside of the island?! Large glass pendants give an industrial feel as they compliment the brass kitchen faucet. The farmhouse sink is tucked nicely under a stunning marble countertop, and is large enough for pots and pans!

The Perimeter
A large Jenn-Air stove is the centerpiece of this kitchen perimeter. Whether you're a 5-star chef, or a home cook - this kitchen has all the amenities needed to make your masterpiece. The custom vented hood is large and makes a statement, while the white subway tile blends in to it's surroundings - letting other features in the kitchen pop! Cabinets to the ceiling offer plenty of storage as well as the pantry to the right of the fridge.

Casual Dining
Comfortable, chic, art deco - 3 "words" we'd use to describe this space. Wainscoted walls add elegance, while the large rustic table brings comfort. The cove ceiling with crown molding creates a separate space for this casual dining area from the rest of the kitchen. 3 large black Andersen windows offer lots of light and really bring the outdoors in. 

What is your favorite part of this space?

Fall Maintenance Tips


Summer is wrapping up, and we've begun ordering PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes) and taking our cinnamon flavored candles out from storage. But, while some of us may be a little excited to slip into the cozy clothes, watch football, and eat chili, we can't forget about taking care of business - your home.

It's important to prepare your home for the upcoming season - inside & out. Here is a list of items you should be taking care of during Fall to help your home get through our (sometimes) frigid Minnesota winters. 


- Inspect and clean gutters & downspouts
- Seal gaps & cracks around windows & doors
- Inspect your roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded flashing, or leaky vents
- Repair driveways, sidewalks, and steps
- Drain and winterize outdoor faucets and irrigation systems
- Store any lawnmowers, weed-whips, etc. and prepare your snowblower (test to make sure it works), shovels, etc. for the coming winter.


- Clean or replace your dirty furnace filters (you should be doing this monthly)
- Inspect your furnace or have your HVAC contractor do a maintenance check to prepare for heating your home this winter
- Test smoke alarms & CO detectors (change batteries if needed)
- Check dryer venting - make sure it's clear of lint
- Get our your rake & garbage bags
- General Cleaning: now is the time to deep clean every room. Get rid of old newspapers and magazines, leftover household chemicals, clear spaces around heaters, furnaces, and other heat producing appliances. 
- Store spring/summer outerwear & get coats, boots, and gloves ready. 


- General Cleaning: now is the time to deep clean every room. Get rid of old newspapers and magazines, leftover household chemicals, clear spaces around heaters, furnaces, and other heat producing appliances. 
- Store spring/summer outerwear & get coats, boots, and gloves ready. 

Once you've prepared your home for the coming winter, sit back with a warm cup of apple cider (or PSL) under a cozy blanket, and RELAX.

Enjoy this magical season with your loved ones!

Room of the Month - Yellowstone Rec Room

This Lower Level Rec/Family Room is perfect for entertaining! It features a ping pong table, stone fireplace, reclaimed barn wood, barn doors, bar, and more! 

Family Room
Cozy on up to the fireplace to enjoy your favorite movie or sporting event! This fireplace features stone to the ceiling & a reclaimed barnwood mantle. Custom built ins frame the fireplace & offer plenty of storage! 

Game Table Area
Whether you're super competitive or just want to play a good 'ole friendly game -this spot is perfect for you! The barn doors on the wall help bring the rustic touch to this area of the large space. 

This Wet Bar is the perfect place to belly up to enjoy a cold brew! It has walkout access to the patio, which makes it perfect for entertaining - inside or out! It features a stone mosaic backsplash, granite countertops, and pendant lighting - to give you that "real" bar feel! It opens up to the rest of the Rec Room, making entertaining a breeze! 

What is your favorite part of this Lower Level Rec/Family Room?

Room of the Month - Fox Street Owner's Suite

Picture your dream Owner's Suite...Would it have a large shower, soaking tub, heated floors, and plenty of storage? We thought so. The Owner's Suite at our Fox Street Model is truly a dream come true! 

You walk into the Owner's Suite through double doors. To the left is the bedroom, to the right is the private bathroom. The bedroom is spacious and the large windows offer great light! The cozy sitting area features built-in book cases & recessed can lighting. Who wouldn't want to curl up and read a book here?

This Owner's Suite Bathroom is a showstopper! Marble floors & countertops add an elegant feel to this luxurious bathroom. This room is bright & airy while offering all the amenities you need to start or end your day. Enameled white cabinetry features practical storage as well as display shelves. Chrome fixtures add a little "bling" to an already stunning bathroom. Let the heated floor warm your toes as you hop into the freestanding soaking tub. 

The closet is spacious, yet practical. Plenty of room for hanging as well as drawers and shoe shelves! The best part of this closet is that it has a pocket door leading to the laundry room. Talk about convenience! 


What is your favorite part of this beautiful Owner's Suite?