Room of the Month - 59th Ave Master Bathroom

Light & bright with modern farmhouse finishes! This Master Bathroom has it all - claw foot tub, floating shelves, and walk-in shower! Let’s take a closer look at the details…

Custom built vanities feature function & beauty! The lower open storage is the perfect place to display towels or other decor, while the center bench offer separation between spaces & a place to take a break! Solid surface counters showcase the stunning countertop mount sinks by DXV. Drawer space is functional while still giving the vanity area the “open - feel”.

Light Fixtures
We always say - light fixtures are the jewelry of the home! They help in making your vision (or theme) come to life! This bathroom features simple yet beautiful clear globe lights over the vanities & in the ceiling - giving it the Modern Farmhouse vibe our clients were looking for!

Claw-foot Tub
Ok, time for the real showstopper - this TUB! This clawfoot tub by Kallista is easily one of the most eye catching features in this bathroom. With dramatic eagle-claw feet and furled edging, it truly is a piece of art! Paired with the modern Mirabelle tub faucet, it rings true to the style of this home. Enameled floating shelves are a great place to display decor!

Tile Plank Flooring
These wood-look plank tile floors are the perfect way to add warmth into this space while still being functional for a bathroom. The various widths & colors give you a rustic, comfortable feel.

Tile Shower
Who doesn’t love a classic white subway tile shower? It’s the perfect mix of traditional & modern! This shower features 2 shower heads - one mounted on the wall & one rain head - bringing you a spa-like experience! These homeowners’ opted for a shower ledge vs. a niche - which we think was a great choice! It’s a functional yet clean way to access all the things you’ll need in the shower. Framed with clear heavy glass, this shower is the perfect place to relax.


What is your favorite part of this space?

- Zehnder Homes Team -

How to Maintain Proper Humidity Levels in Your Home

Living in Minnesota, we’re accustomed to changing humidity levels in our homes. In the winter, we experience dry air - which can effect how we feel (dry throats, itchy skin, etc.), but can also have effects on our homes.

It’s important to maintain the proper humidity levels in your home to keep them comfortable & to take care of products used to build them. Indoor humidity levels should be between 30-40% - keep in mind, as the temperature gets lower, the lower the humidity level should be in the home.

To measure the humidity levels in your home, you can purchase a hygrometer. This is an inexpensive gauge that looks like a thermometer. Once you have a better idea of how humid your spaces are, you can take the steps necessary to make it more ideal.

Humidity Too Low

Low humidity means your home will be dry. Without the proper moisture your home may experience drywall cracks, hardwood floor seams splitting (shrinking), wood cracking, millwork shrinking or cracking. Low humidity is common in Minnesota because of our colder temperatures. This can be solved by increasing humidity in your home by using a humidifier. These must be kept clean, changing the filters regularly according the the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you purchase a humidifier that will cover the necessary square feet for your area (so that you’re not constantly refilling water).

Humidity Too High

High humidity can also cause damage to your home, and it’s a breeding ground for mold, rot, and insects. A lot of homeowners may fall victim to high levels because homes are built more efficiently to prevent energy loss from heating & cooling. Which means they seal in a lot of moisture. If humidity is too high, you can purchase a dehumidifier. This pulls moisture out of the air, and you’ll need to empty the water from it regularly.

When building with Zehnder Homes we always suggest adding a humidifier to your furnace to help control the humidity levels in your home automatically. While you’ll still want to keep an eye on it, this should greatly decrease the amount of effort put in to controlling the levels in your home.